Oliebollentocht 2018

Oliebollentocht is probably the largest annual velomobile gathering in the world. It is organized by the Dutch group Grensrijder at the 28. of Dezember at varying locations.
This year, about 150 velomobile riders met in Roermond.

I couldn’t attend, since my Milan still isn’t roadworthy. Also, the 450km journey to Roermond would be a bit much for my current fitness level. My plan is to join Oliebollentocht 2019 in Utrecht.

Anyway, Helen wrote a very nice blog post with lots of pictures of her Oliebollentocht experiance: http://www.auntiehelen.co.uk/oliebollentocht-2018

and Josef shot some great video with a Garmin 360 Vibe mounted to his DF:

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New Steering Arms for the Milan

Made new steering arms for the Milan. The original steering arms looked rather ratty and where too close to the wheel wells to provide enough space for the brake levers.

I simply cut down two bar ends and drilled holes for the plain bearings. The actual levers are two length of 22mm aluminum tube and go into the (former) bar ends. If I ever get the idea I absolutely need carbon fiber steering arms, I only have to swap the aluminum tubes for CFK tubes.

DIY steering arm clamp with plain bearing made from a bar end (27g).

Left steering arm (from top to bottom): DiaCompe Silver Shifter for 2-speed Patterson Metropolis, throttle, Avid brake lever, 3 momentary switches, lever for rear disk brake

Right steering arm (from top to bottom): DiaCompe Silver Shifter for 9-speed derailleur, Avid brake lever, 3 momentary switches, Grin poti for Cycle Analyst v3

Not sure which function to assign to which momentary switch. Also, I still have to install the Tripwire switches to the brake levers.

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The Milan Story

Mick van Bit posted a documentation about the developement of the Milan on his website.
I met Eggert Bülk, the designer of the Milan velomobile, last year and had a small chat.


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Lights for the Milan

Since bicycle lights don’t really cut it above a certain speed, the Milan will get some LED motorcycle lights.

A Highsider LED Dual Stream 3in1 headlight. Headlight, high beam and parking light in a relatively small package. Its 739 Lumen should suffice… 😉

The even smaller Highsider Satellite was on my shortlist for a while, but I really wanted a high beam, as well. While there is a Satellite High Beam version available, two of them would be bulkier (and more expensive).
A 520 Lumen headlight plus a 800 Lumen high beam ain’t nothing to sneeze at, though.

Rear lights
The Kellermann 3in1 Bullet 1000 DF is one of these awesome looking rear lights you find on a high-end custom motor cycle. It got rear light, brake light and indicator light combined in a small, 39mm diameter pod.

I liked the idea from the start, but what really sold it was the matt-chrome finish.

It also helped my budget, that the matt-chrome versions are on sale at the moment. 🙂

I’m still undecided if I’ll add a Highsider String to it. With its 10.5mm width, it should fit perfectly on the narrow rear edge of the Milan and its brake light LEDs could act as a rear fog light.

Front indicator lights
At first, I thought of the tiny Kellermann Atto, especially the Atto WL version.

At 10mm diameter the Atto seemed appropriate for a velomobile, but I wanted something a bit bigger (they also don’t come in matt-chrome finish).

Hence, I’ve ordered a matching pair of Kellermann Bullet 1000 PL white front indicator lights, with a white position light in ring form.

To control headlight, high beam, indicators, hazard light, rear lights, brake lights, horn and the programming, from only four small momentary switches at the handle bars, I choose the tiny Joost Elektronikbox H.

The Kellermann iMAS CR4 even got an alarm function on top, but I found it too late and the Joost was already ordered.

To provide 12V for the lights from the 36V/22Ah electric assist battery, or the smaller 18V/11Ah battery at hand (if I choose to take the electric assist out to ride a brevet), I got a potted 15-72V to 12V converter.

The whole package will add some drag to the slick aerodynamic profile of the Milan (especially the front indicators), but I prefer to have some front lights higher up and to the sides, to give car drivers the chance to see me in their rear mirrors.

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New Rear Shocks for the Milan

The old rear shocks of the Milan are worn and actually not working that great anyway, since they offer no proper damping. Riding the Milan across cobblestone was ‘interesting’, to say the least.

Hence, I’ve ripped them out and build new rear shocks with elastomere’s.

On top, one of the old, original, rear shocks. The carbon fiber tubes are much prettier.

To keep it simple, the new shock is just a 22mm CFK-tube with an aluminum plug on one end, a PTFE (Teflon) bushing at the other and a 10mm stainless steel precision tube with M8 threads for the rod-end bearings and the ‘piston’ (a M8 countersunk screw).

The elastomere are used, ‘soft’, ICE Trikes elastomere (for their front suspension), cut to length. I’ve put a small lens head screw in the flat side of the elastomere, that will lock into the hexagonal hole of the M8 countersunk screw (the ‘piston’), to provide it with some guidance against scraping at the CFK-tube. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to put a Nylon washer between M8 screw and piston rod.

Since the Milan is more or less ripped to pieces, a test ride has to wait till its roadworthy again.

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Milan GT Velomobile

Picked-up a used Milan GT MkII today. One of the few with tank steering.

Now, the fun begins. It’ll get a complete overhaul and a small electric assist. Stay tuned.

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