New Rear Shocks for the Milan

The old rear shocks of the Milan are worn and actually not working that great anyway, since they offer no proper damping. Riding the Milan across cobblestone was ‘interesting’, to say the least.

Hence, I’ve ripped them out and build new rear shocks with elastomere’s.

On top, one of the old, original, rear shocks. The carbon fiber tubes are much prettier.

To keep it simple, the new shock is just a 22mm CFK-tube with an aluminum plug on one end, a PTFE (Teflon) bushing at the other and a 10mm stainless steel precision tube with M8 threads for the rod-end bearings and the ‘piston’ (a M8 countersunk screw).

The elastomere are used, ‘soft’, ICE Trikes elastomere (for their front suspension), cut to length. I’ve put a small lens head screw in the flat side of the elastomere, that will lock into the hexagonal hole of the M8 countersunk screw (the ‘piston’), to provide it with some guidance against scraping at the CFK-tube. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to put a Nylon washer between M8 screw and piston rod.

Since the Milan is more or less ripped to pieces, a test ride has to wait till its roadworthy again.

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